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Full Circle Health Network is an integrated network of nonprofit, nationally accredited providers delivering coordinated, community-based services to vulnerable children, individuals and families across California.

Full Circle exists to ensure more Californians can access culturally congruent and trauma-informed care from a high quality network of community-based organizations that address their whole-person and whole-family needs.

We accomplish this primarily through the following core activities:

Serve as a single contracting vehicle for community-based providers to enroll in Medi-Cal managed care plan networks.

Reduce administrative burden for providers so they can focus on serving clients.

Drive improved coordination between providers across multiple systems through technology infrastructure, training, and administrative practice support.

The Full Circle Health Network embraces the population health vision of CalAIM. Healing trauma, stabilizing home environments, and reuniting families promotes wellness throughout a child’s lifetime reaping innumerable future individual and societal benefits.  

Full Circle Health Network is closely affiliated with the CA Alliance of Child and Family Services, under the governance of the California Alliance Board of Directors. The Network has an advisory board made up of subject matter experts and participants of the network.

The Full Circle Difference

Our network of community-based organizations pioneered person-centered care models rooted in trauma-informed principles and organized to comprehensively address the 360-degree social drivers of individual and family health and wellness.

As Medicaid and medical models look to embrace interventions that address social drivers of health, they must work with community organizations that reflect and understand the people they serve.

Full Circle is a bridge between managed care plans and community organizations, providing necessary technology, administrative infrastructure, and technical assistance to scale our culturally congruent and trauma-informed integrated care model.

Youth & Families

Receive trauma-informed, culturally congruent services from agencies rooted in their local communities


Access new payers & focus on person-centered, multi-system service delivery while accessing technology infrastructure, training, and administrative supports

Managed care plans

Streamlined access to a nationally accredited, diverse CBO network implementing a high quality, standardized model of care

Join Us

Full Circle is a network available to CA Alliance member organizations, as well as other nonprofit organizations who are interested in contracting with Managed Care Plans to provide Medi-Cal CalAIM enhanced care management and support services along with a broader array of behavioral health services.

For more information about how to become a FCHN provider organization please contact membership@fullcirclehn.org

Work With Us

If you are interested in learning more about Full Circle or contracting with us, please contact us by emailing info@fullcirclehn.org.