California is transforming its Medi-Cal program through the CalAIM initiative, recognizing that community-based support services that address fundamental needs like access to healthy food, housing and behavioral health are integral to our health.  Nowhere is that truer than for children and families served by Medi-Cal. 

The 160 nationally accredited non-profit organizations of the California Alliance of Families and Children are experts in delivering services that meet the needs of children and families - fromearly childhood mental health to school-based mental health and substance use services, to crisis stabilization, 24/7 hospitalization alternatives and residential care.  Alliance members are experienced, essential partners in meeting CalAIM’s vision for health care that responds to the needs of the whole person.

Full Circle Health Network is a new Independent Practice Association that harnesses the expertise of Alliance providers and facilitates partnerships between Managed Care Plans (Plans) and community-based organizations in all 58 counties.

Meets the CalAIM mandate

Under CalAIM, MCPS are required to provide a new suite of services including Enhanced Care Management and Community Supports. California Alliance Health Network is a hub that will facilitate rapid access to services plan members need.

Expands Service Network

Medi-Cal billing is complex and resource-intensive.  By streamlining this process, California Alliance Health Network will enable more community-based non-profit organizations across California to serve youth and families covered by Medi-Cal.


Full Circle Health will support member organizations to build their capacity for streamlined care delivery, train them to collaborate within the managed care environment, and assist them to succeed in outcomes-based contracting with MCPs. Having a united Network allows the wellness of the beneficiaries to be the priority for MCP’s and Network providers.

Culturally Responsive

Nearly 50% of Medi-Cal enrollees are Latinx, 7% Black, and 10% Asian American/Pacific Islander. Alliance providers are deeply rooted in their communities, delivering culturally responsive care.