Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)

All Full Circle Health clients have certain rights with respect to their privacy. Your Protected Health Information, or PHI, is covered by HIPAA, and a variety of other state and federal laws. These laws require us to provide clients with a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices if we are your treatment provider.

The Notice of Privacy Practices, or NPP, tells you how your personal information about your health may be used, who may see your information, where to file a complaint if you believe we mishandled your PHI, and about other medical privacy rights.

Generally, your PHI will be used to treat you and to bill your insurance company. The NPP also outlines your rights, such as your ability to access or request a copy of your PHI, to request an amendment to, a restriction of, or an accounting of disclosures regarding your PHI. You also have the right to request a specific way for us to contact you about your PHI. For a complete description of your rights, view our Notice of Privacy Practices:

For more information send us an email at compliance@fullcirclehn.org or phone 888-749-8877

Click on this link below to download the file.