FCHN Offers Key Supports to Providers for CM Service Delivery

Managed Care Contracting

• Outreach & coordination with all payers
• Certification & readiness process
• Facilitate completion of all MCP requirements

Clinical and Quality Management

• Standardized, compliant P&Ps and model of care for all providers to adopt
• Referral coordination
• Engagement & outreach
• Quality Standards Committee
• Quality metric collection & reporting

Technology Platform

• Support data exchanges
• Interoperable with Provider EHRs
• Optional CM Platform
• Eligibility verification

Training & Technical Assistance

• Core curriculum; training of new ECM staff
• Ongoing training & T.A.

Administrative Services

• Revenue cycle management
• Bridge between MCPs & Providers

Analytics and Reporting

• Data warehouse for data collection & reporting
• Exchange of all CalAIM reports ((MIF, OTF, RTF))
• Build foundation for population health (risk stratification, outcome tracking, etc)

Plans we work with

Full Circle is pursuing contracts with most Medi-Cal managed care plans. Over time we aim to expand our service array to commercial health plans.

Counties we work in

Full Circle is building out a statewide network. We currently have nearly 50 providers who have service locations in about half of California’s 58 counties.  Alliance agencies are located statewide and so we expect have a statewide presence by the end of 2024.